DataD is an expert in market strategy and (market) research. With both qualitative and quantitative research, we go beyond data and provide clear insights into your market segments and into the needs and behaviour of consumers/customers in your market. We translate these insights into action-oriented advice  so you can get started right away. We have done this before for these projects.

DataD potential study explores market opportunities for a new site

DataD carries out market potential studies to assist companies and organisations in their search for a new location and to substantiate investment decisions. In recent years, we have estimated the potential for fitness centres, indoor playgrounds and supermarkets, among others, for our clients. Read how we approach this.

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DataD surveys 3.818 families and calculates the cost of a child on behalf of MyFamily

It is said that every child costs a house, but is that really true? DataD calculated the child cost of Flemish families on behalf of MyFamily. 318 households or single parents with children in Flanders participated in the online survey. Read more about the approach of the survey and the results.

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CityD-WES reflects on 2023 and looks forward to 2024

In 2023 we will further develop our CityD and DataD brands. CityD strengthens local and regional dynamics. DataD is an expert in market research & marketing strategy. 2023 was a busy year and in 2024 we will continue to assist companies, organisations and governments in their growth and development.

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Consumeter maps travel behaviour for Walloon Commissariat-General for Tourism

DataD measures via the Consumeter on behalf of the Walloon Commissariat-General for Tourism how Belgians spend their day trips in Wallonia. The Consumeter enquires about opinions, views and (purchasing) behaviour among 1,500 Belgians, which guarantees representative answers. You want to add your own question to the Consumeter? No problem!

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DataD tests reality against theory for residual waste sorting analysis

In 2025, the four-yearly sorting analysis of residual waste in Flanders will be held. DataD is developing the methodology and sample definition for OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) . In preparation, we visited the sorting site, because solid research requires a feel for reality and a link with practice.

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Population survey in Essen 'The Grand Survey'

What do the Essen people think about municipal services, for example about green areas, sustainability and economy in the municipality? Six years after the previous one, DataD organised another population survey called 'De grote EnquĂȘte' or The Grand Survey.

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DataD visits the energy-from-waste plant in Bruges

DataD has become a household name in research within the theme of waste policy. With assignments for OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) and for the Province of East Flanders around a project about the switch to reusable diapers in Ghent, we already gained a good insight into the waste process. We visited the energy-from-waste plant (incinerator) in Bruges in June 2023.

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Research on brand awareness Belgian Railways

In the autumn of 2022, DataD investigated on behalf of the NMBS (Belgian Railways) the brand awareness of international trains that depart from Belgium, such as the Thalys, Eurostar and TGV INOUI. Because we were also a partner of the NMBS for this research in 2015, 2017 and 2021, comparison is possible.

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DataD counts calories

Through a market study, we investigated the potential for tasty low-calorie sauces on behalf of a startup. The central question was whether there is a market for tasty cold low-energy sauces.

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