DataD visits the energy-from-waste plant in Bruges

DataD has become a household name in research within the theme of waste policy. With assignments for OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) concerning IMJV and MATIS validation and for the Province of East Flanders around the switch to reusable diapers in Ghent, we have already gained a good insight into the waste process. To understand the entire waste process even better, DataD researchers visited the energy-from-waste plant (incinerator) in Bruges in June 2023.

The energy-from-waste plant in Bruges falls under the jurisdiction of IVBO, the "Intergemeentelijk samenwerkingsverband voor Vuilverwijdering en -verwerking in Brugge en Ommeland". IVBO is responsible for the collection and processing of household waste and industrial waste from Bruges and the cities and municipalities in the surrounding area. Communication and waste prevention are also part of the main tasks.

DataD is the brand within the group CityD-WES in charge of market research, feasibility studies and marketing strategy. Data collection and processing offers insights to make your business market-driven.

The social trend towards living more sustainably continues in companies, but cities and municipalities are also committed to actively contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The purpose of the company visit was to observe the entire process - from waste collection to the treatment of the residual product of waste incineration - with our own eyes. The knowledge gained is used in current and future research projects on waste. After all, DataD is developing a new methodology for the sorting analysis of household waste. The aim is to gain an accurate insight into the composition of the waste fractions of the household waste bags (residual waste) based on a scientifically substantiated sample.

This is how we found out that:

  • The Bruges incinerator recovers energy through a heat network;
  • 65% of the heat goes to the AZ Sint-Jan hospital, but residential areas are also connected to the heating network;
  • 8% of our residual waste consists of diapers and the incinerator has installed an installation to recycle disposable diapers;
  • It is very difficult for intermunicipal companies to recruit garbage collectors;
  • The crane operators in the dumping hall have the job of their lives. They can pick up garbage with a grappling hook, as if they were in a real-life luna park, and dump it into the incinerator. Big toys for big boys;
  • The incinerator works continuously (24/7);
  • Damme is the only municipality in the Bruges region where households pay per weight of residual waste instead of per volume and this ensures a significant reduction in residual waste per inhabitant;
  • You should not visit the landfill with smart shoes. It is difficult to get rid of the penetrating smell, to say the least.

DataD has extensive experience in conducting market research, population surveys and developing market strategies. Through qualitative and quantitative research we provide clear insights into customer behaviour, needs, willingness to pay and image. We translate these insights into action-oriented advice.

Are you also interested in data for your project, company or organisation? Would you like more information about the theme waste management? Would you like to learn more about DataD, CityD or CityD-WES? Contact us for a no-obligation (digital) appointment!


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