About DataD

Market-driven companies or organisations grow more sustainably and withstand competition better. DataD gives you that advantage. We ensure that you get to know your customer, competitor and economic environment better. We help you perfectly align your products or services to the demands of the market, expand your existing markets and tap into new ones. In short, DataD turns your challenges into opportunities.


About us

In a dynamically changing world, opportunities arise for companies and governments. DataD explores opportunities and challenges to capitalise on them in the market.


Why DataD

Objectivity, commitment and experience is in DataD's DNA. Add creativity and helicopter perspective and you know us inside out.



Our customers are SMEs, governments and large companies. For any organisation that want to get ready for the next steps, DataD provides advice.


Our story

DataD is part of the CityD-WES Group. The group's core mission is to support organisations, regions and companies in sustainable growth.

About DataD

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