CityD-WES reflects on 2023 and looks forward to 2024

In 2023 we further developed our brands CityD and DataD. CityD strengthens local and regional dynamics and focusses on City marketing en Centre management, Trade and hotel & catering industry, Spatial economics, Tourism and leisure en Real estate and area development

DataD is an expert in marktet research  & marketing strategy and makes companies market-driven so that they grow more sustainably and withstand competition better. DataD provides that edge with both quantitative and qualitative research.

Both brands can look back on a filled 2023 and in 2024 we will continue to assist dozens of companies, organisations and governments in their growth and development. 

Reflection on 2023

In 2023, we got tthe chance to meet many new clients, but trusted companies, organisations and governments also called upon our services again.

CityD-WES Group has two offices (Bruges and Genk) and a team of experts in various fields. CityD guides and advises on:

  • City marketing and Centre management
  • Trade and hotel & catering industry
  • Spatial economics
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Real estate and area development

DataD solves research related questions through market research and marketing strategy.

In 2023, we had projects in all our disciplines. A selection of (completed and ongoing) realisations:

  • Area management of business parks for Houthalen-Helchteren and Heusden-Zolder: completion of vision creation
  • Trajectory guidance for relocation of activities along the N74 road for De Werkvennootschap
  • Citymarketing for Eeklo and Oudsbergen
  • Business plan training programme for Netwerk Lokaal Sportbeleid
  • Inspiration platform for busy centres ‘De Vitrine’ on behalf of VLAIO (The Flemish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency)
  • Follow-up assignment: brand awareness measurement of international trains departing from Belgium such as Thalys, Eurostar and ICE for the NMBS (Belgian Railways)
  • Market research around supra-local sports infrastructure for DVV Midwest (= Ardooie, Hooglede, Ingelmunster, Izegem, Ledegem, Lichtervelde, Meulebeke, Moorslede, Oostrozebeke, Pittem, Roeselare, Ruiselede, Staden, Tielt, Wielsbeke and Wingene)
  • Quality in Flanders Heritage Venues for Visit Flanders: network expansion
  • Reallocation of Poeke Castle for Visit Flanders
  • Benchmark castle restaurants for Visit Flanders
  • Population survey in Essen
  • Needs assessment of  sports infrastructure Ninove
  • Follow-up study on the day trips in Wallonia via Consumeter for Walloon Commissariat General for Tourism
  • Study on domestic day tourism in Bruges (via the Consumeter survey)
  • Sorting analysis for IVBO
  • Market potential study
  • Feasibility studies around leisure establishments for various companies
  • Centre management in Heist-op-den-Berg, Dilbeek, Oudenaarde, Overijse, Peer, Tongeren, Houthalen-Helchteren, Lummen, Zaventem and other cities and municipalities
  • Fighting vacancy in the inner-city in Halle, Aarschot, Tongeren…
  • Market research for SD Worx
  • Horeca policy plan for Beringen
  • Strategic commercial plan for the city of Brussels and a digital dashboard
  • Preparation of various retail licences
  • Validation for the Integrated Environmental Annual Report (IMJV) for OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders)
  • MATIS validation + automation data for OVAM 
  • Framework agreement for coaching of traders and trade associations on behalf of POM West-Vlaanderen & OC West
  • Collective learning pathways to strengthen the business core for VLAIO (Flemish Government)
  • Market research for MyFamily
  • Local activity data model for the city of Leuven
  • Consumer and market research project 'Slimme markten' (Smart Markets) for the city of Hasselt
  • POM Limburg: labour productivity assessment in Limburg, comparative study with Flanders

CityD often delivers keynotes or guest lectures on retail policy, property policy and cooperation. This year, Jan Boots was again a guest lecturer at KUL's postgraduate retail real estate course. He highlighted the importance of policy frameworks measured against current retail trends. Jan is also one of the driving forces behind the real estate community of VOKA-West Flanders, having previously been one for the Limburg counterpart a few years ago. Jan was also a moderator during the afternoon 'retail' session at Minister Brouns' Entrepreneurship Summit and regularly attended panel discussions with the relevant ministers.

Looking forward to 2024

2024 promises to be an atypical year. With elections approaching, potential economic twists and a further advance of new technology such as AI, governments, businesses and organisations are looking for independent and reliable advice to support their operations.

Following projects will be implemented in 2024. Some projects run over several years:

  • Analysis of spatial and economic evolution of publicly accessible functions in Flanders for VLAIO (Flemish Government)
  • Centre management in Overijse, Lummen, Dilbeek, Heist-op-den-Berg, Peer, Tongeren, Houthalen-Helchteren, Aarschot and other cities and municipalities
  • POM West Vlaanderen: transition plans for making regional business parks more sustainable: park management, economical use of space and ecological quality
  • VLAIO: framework agreement on supra-local vision for business park allocation
  • VLAIO: area programme for Wommelgem-Ranst - Lage Keer
  • Strategic masterplan for the centre of Willebroek
  • Implementation of area management for Houthalen-Helchteren/Heusden-Zolder
  • Structure outline and strategy for site Thor in Torhout
  • Feasibility study for Josaphat site
  • Follow-up project: MATIS validation + data automation for OVAM
  • Follow-up project IMJV PRTR +  FOOD PJ2023 on behalf of OVAM
  • Actualisation methodology sorting analysis domestic waste for OVAM
  • Market research study on single-use packages for OVAM and Fost Plus
  • Market research for SD Worx
  • Feasability study for swimming pool Nijlen
  • Follow-up of travel behaviour survey of Belgian day trippers to Wallonia via le Consumeter on behalf of Walloon Commissariat General for Tourism
  • Potential study for Lago
  • Development of integral trade policy for Ostend


For several consecutive years, DataD has been measuring via the Consumeter how Belgians spend their day trips in Wallonia on behalf of the Walloon Commissariat-General for Tourism. This can be done through the Consumeter. We investigate where day visitors come from, what their age is, how their families are composed, which destinations they visit and what they do there. You can read more about it here.

Your company or organisation can register questions via the Consumeter for your own market research. The panel of 1.500 Belgians is representative of the adult Belgian population (aged 17-64). This gives you a quick and clear overview of how Belgians perceive your product or service, how well known your brand is, what motivates or could motivate Belgians to buy your product, etc. Contact us.

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