Population survey in Essen 'The Grand Survey'

What do the Essen people think about municipal services, for example about green areas, sustainability and economy in the municipality? Six years after the previous one, DataD organised another population survey called ‘De Grote Enquête’ or The Grand Survey. Interested in our approach and the results? Then read on below.

In 2017, we asked Essen citizens' opinions on nine different policy areas on behalf of Essen municipality. In 2023, DataD was again in charge of conducting this population survey.

Based on a random selection from the population register, 3,000 Essen residents were contacted to participate in the Grand Survey. 724 residents completed the survey: 37% on paper and 63% online. Through statistical processing, we ensured that the results were representative of the entire Essen population. The sample was weighted to get the exact demographic profile of gender, age and neighbourhood.

The nine municipal themes remained the same:

  1. Sport, culture and youth
  2. Schools and day care
  3. Well-being and health
  4. Living in Essen
  5. Safety and nuisance
  6. Economic activity
  7. Greenery and sustainability
  8. Mobility and traffic safety
  9. Municipal services

DataD is the brand within the group CityD-WES in charge of market research, feasibility studies and marketing strategy. Data collection and processing offers insights to make your business market-driven.

Cities and municipalities also use data, for example, as in Essen, to help determine the municipal policy of the future.

What are the results in Essen?

DataD gave the Essen council a lot of interesting insights from which points of action have been distilled. Here are some conclusions:

  • Almost 9 out of 10 citizens of Essen like living in Essen;
  • 65% is happy about the leisure facilities and possibilities in Essen;
  • 77% is happy about the choice of schools in Essen;
  • Over 60% is satisfied with the well-being and healthcare facilities in Essen. Remarkable: young people give the highest scores;
  • 80% feels safe in Essen, especially the elder generation gives high scores;
  • 85% believes that Essen should be a business-friendly municipality and, secondly, attractive to tourists;
  • Almost 90% is satisfied with the municipal services.

The 2017 results played an important role in the preparation of the multi-year plan for 2020-2025. The results of this edition will once again be important indicators for Essen in the future.


DataD has extensive experience in conducting market research, population surveys and developing market strategies. Through qualitative and quantitative research we provide clear insights into customer behaviour, needs, willingness to pay and image. We translate these insights into action-oriented advice.

Are you also interested in data for your project, company or organisation? Would you like more information about how to set up a population survey? Do you wish to know more about DataD, CityD or CityD-WES? Contact us for a no-obligation (digital) appointment!


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