DataD counts calories

A startup was wondering whether there was a potential market for tasty low-calorie sauces. DataD, part of the CityD-WES Group, looked for and found the answers.

Needs assessment as a guideline

Through a market study, we investigated the potential for tasty low-calorie sauces on behalf of a startup. The central question was whether there is a market for tasty cold low-energy sauces. DataD conducted market research via the Consumeter (our quarterly survey) among a representative sample of 1,500 Belgians to provide an answer to the following elements:

  1. What is the consumer's interest in cold, low-energy sauces?
  2. Which (light) sauces do consumers use now and to what extent?
  3. What is the importance of taste, price, kcal,...?
  4. What are the taste preferences (types of sauces)?
  5. What is the added value of sustainable packaging/ecoscore, clean label, vegan?
  6. How much should such a product cost? What is the price elasticity?
  7. Which type of target groups are more open to this product?

The above questions were expertly prepared to suit online surveys. DataD programmed the questions online and monitored the response. After analysing the data in SPSS, the results were made available in a report.

From research results to marketing strategy

The results of this potential research were explained during a marketing workshop with the aim of establishing the marketing puzzle. Attention was paid to price, product, promotion, positioning, target groups, channels and competitive environment.

Based on the market research, the client gained a clear insight into the market potential and the important success factors of his project. The study can also serve to persuade retailers and investors.

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