Measuring is knowing

It's a classic, but it still works. Measuring is knowing! Market research is still one of the best ways of finding out how to boost your business.

Each trimester, the Consumeter surveys the opinions and (buying) behaviour of 1,500 Belgians. This panel is representative of the adult Belgian population (aged 17-64). This gives you a quick and clear overview of how Belgians perceive your product or service, how well known your brand is, what motivates or could motivate Belgians to buy your product, etc.

Your company or organisation can register questions via the Consumeter. Doing so, you can carry out your own market research at a lower cost. Public authorities also benefit from independent and reliable data to support their activities.

For the full sample, the margin of error is only 3% (95% confidence interval). Weighting is done by region according to population.

Your own market research may involve recurring questions (for example, four questionnaires over a year), but it can perfectly well be a one-time survey. The cost depends on the frequency, the type of questions (open or closed) and the analysis or report required.

'Travel behaviour' case for the Walloon Commissariat-General for Tourism

Since 2016 commisioned by the Walloon Commissariat-General for Tourism, DataD has been measuring how Belgians spend their day trips in Wallonia via the Consumeter, .

DataD investigates where day-trippers come from, what their age is, how their family is composed, which destinations they visit and what they do there. Also for Flanders (with specific survey on the coast), the Brussels Capital Region (incl. the city of Brussels) and abroad, we investigate what the popular destinations are for day trippers and what exactly they do there. This data can be purchased on request.

Targeted data tailored to your company, organisation, city or region

You want to add your own question to the Consumeter? No problem! 

The Consumeter gives you the opportunity to ask questions to the Belgian population (17-64 years old) in a budget-friendly way. The Consumeter is organised in January, April, July and October. In case the question is repeated and spread over time, the Consumeter can serve as your personal barometer. 

Maybe that one question has been circulating in your head for a long time or maybe you have a lot of questions? Are you still unsure about the right formulation? Our experts will be happy to help!

Asking a question is already possible from EUR 650 (excl. VAT)! The answers are presented in a clear and user-friendly report.

Price table Consumeter (*)

Type of question
Price (in euro excluding VAT)
Closedonce€ 650

4x a year€ 1.950
Semi-openonce€ 950

4x a year€ 3.000

4x a year€ 4.500


(*) A basic report of the answers to the questions is included. For a combination of questions and/or more extensive reporting, a tailor-made price proposal will be developed for you. Ask your quotation here.
Golden tip: a combination of questions is more advantageous than the sum of single questions. For multiple questions, a degressive rate applies. We will gladly make you a tailor-made proposal without any obligation.

About CityD-WES group

The CityD-WES group provides independent advice to organisations, businesses and public authorities and operates under two brands: DataD and CityD.

DataD is an expert in market research and marketing strategy. Using qualitative and quantitative research, we look beyond the data to provide clear insights into market segments and consumer/customer behaviour. We translate this knowledge into action-oriented advice. DataD makes companies and organisations "market-driven". We ensure that you know your customers, your competitors and your environment better. We help you adapt your products or services perfectly to the wishes of the market and expand your existing markets and conquer new ones. In short, DataD turns challenges into opportunities.

CityD strengthens local and regional dynamics on the basis of targeted research, clear visions and, above all, a set of practical measures. "Creating vibrant places for happy people". Our experts are active in a number of different sectors, our pillars being City marketing and centre management, Trade and hotel&catering industry, Spatial economics, Tourism and leisure and Real estate and area development.  

Interested in one of our areas of expertise? You need more information about the Consumeter? You want to know more about DataD and the support we can offer you? Contact us for a no-obligation (digital) appointment!


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