DataD tests reality against theory for residual waste sorting analysis

For the four-yearly sorting analysis of residual waste, household waste bags and containers will be collected and analysed all over Flanders. This will give the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) insight into the sorting behaviour of the Flemish people and into the waste fractions that prove difficult for the Flemish people to sort.

Data is involved for the second time in establishing the methodology and sampling. This means that DataD is investigating how the sorting analysis should ideally be done to generate representative data and reflect as accurately as possible what exactly can be found in the residual waste bag of the Flemish people.

DataD is the brand within the CityD-WES group which is responsible for market research, feasibility studies and marketing strategy. Data collection and processing provide insights to make your business market-driven.

Since we cannot approach this research merely from a theoretical point of view, we put on our dirtiest shoes and our fluorescent vest and attended an OWS sorting analysis at the intermunicipal cooperation IVBO. There, we saw how samples are taken in practice, how the sorting team manually sorts out each waste bag down to the smallest detail and how they then process the sorted waste.

We were amazed by the knowledge and expertise of the sorting team, and the ease with which they categorised every waste bag almost down to the grain. We learnt a lot about the practicality of sorting analysis.

Attending the sorting analysis provided us with extremely valuable insights and confirms that no research can be conducted from an ivory tower. Being in touch with reality, connecting with the field, at every level and during every stage of research, is crucial for a study with impact!

DataD has extensive experience in conducting market research and formulating market strategies. Through qualitative and quantitative research, we provide clear insights into customer behaviour, needs, willingness to pay and image. We translate these insights into action-oriented advice.

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