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DataD enables your business to grow in a sustainable way by developing and implementing an adequate marketing or market strategy. We help you in the strategic development of your company, with an active focus on the connection between your company and the market.

A continuous process in which we help management and employees prepare their organisation for the future, choose the right direction, change course when necessary and keep making adjustments.

We put you on the market in a unique way

You want to distinguish your company, your product or service range from the competition? You want to build an emotional bond with your customer or generate brand value through your unique positioning?

With knowledge of your own and competitors' strengths, DataD actively helps you set up a strategy to successfully distinguish yourself in well-chosen market segments. We detect growth opportunities, explore new market segments, elaborate a new positioning and actively provide suggestions for broadening and/or deepening the product and service range.

Strategy focused on market and customer

A good marketing strategy and marketing mix increase your chances of success. Target group definition, positioning, branding, category management, knowledge of purchasing processes and buying behaviour; they give direction to your business. 

DataD profiles itself as a logical extension of your marketing service. We co-draft the market strategy and marketing policy and help you implement and evaluate it.

Targeted approach to successful marketing

  • Market strategy
  • Target group determination
  • Product strategy/
    Service Design Strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Price setting
  • Distribution strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Branding

Ready for professional marketing?

Market strategy

At your request, we develop market- and customer-oriented strategies. After all, market-driven organisations and companies are capable of higher than average growth and profitability. And that growth is also sustainable, even in the long term.

Based on facts and figures about supply and demand, we give advice on which markets to enter. Foreign markets, domestic, regions, type of use, ... We assist you in determining priority markets according to market size, competitiveness, own strengths, market potential, …

Target group determination

What type of customers does your company want to reach out to? After all, offering everything to everyone is not a good choice. Which target groups have needs that most closely match your product or service? It is better to choose target groups that are not so well served by the competition. The importance of choosing strategic customers cannot be overemphasised.

Product strategy / Service Design Strategy

We provide concrete advice on what products or services can be developed and how they can be differentiated from competitors.

Value proposition

The value proposition should convince the customer to choose your product or service over that of the competitor. It indicates the problems you solve for the customer and the benefits of your product or service. DataD helps you define the value proposition, focus on the customer and develop a distinctive brand positioning. 

Clear insights into customer needs, client problems and customer dreams, together with your company's strengths, are the starting point of this exercise. So a customer value proposition not only explains in an objective way why the customer should choose a particular product or service but it also tells the customer why they should choose you as an organisation. Product and service tend to converge here.

Price setting

Price elasticity is a trendy word that was discovered in full by numerous companies during the Covid pandemic. Determining an adequate pricing strategy is a real strategic exercise. DataD can advise and assist you in making relevant strategic pricing choices for your company. We help you estimate the price elasticity of different types of customers. Depending on this, we define, in consultation with you, different pricing strategies.

  • Value-based pricing: according to the value of your product or service for the customer 
  • Competitive pricing: in function of your competitor's pricing. You become a price follower. 
  • Cost plus: cost price + a certain percentage 
  • Dynamic pricing: through dynamic pricing, you let the price fluctuate according to supply and demand.

Marktonderzoek voor bedrijven

Distribution strategy

Choosing the right distribution channels is essential to expand your company or organisation's sales market and achieve sustainable growth. This choice has also its distribution cost implications. Finally, this choice also influences the type of target groups you reach as well as their customer experiences. 

Screening (potential) distributors and drafting an adequate distribution strategy is right up our alley. Through a targeted business partner search, we identify the most valuable distribution partners.

Promotion strategy

DataD provides action-oriented advice on how to market your product or service in a very efficient way and helps you choose the right communication and promotion strategy. We are not a communication agency but work in tandem with it to develop the most appropriate promotional strategy. 

On behalf of your communication agency, we carry out ad hoc market research in order to make the right choices. This includes the choice of media channels to reach potential customers, the choice of promotions to market your product or service. Through research we obtain a clear picture of the needs and desires of different customer groups. We help divide these customers into groups with homogeneous needs. 

This exercise is done statistically through cluster analysis. Thus, we provide your communication agency with the right insights in order to touch the right chord of the customers. Within this framework we can also identify customer journey or customer experience exercises.


Branding gives companies and organisations the opportunity to stand out from the competition and show what they stand for. Building a strong brand using a well-considered brand strategy provides loyal customers and customers willing to pay more. 

Companies and organisations that make their brand a lovemark, build emotional relations wirh their customers. These brands build a strong identity and create recognition, personification and trust among the target audience. DataD helps you build a lovemark that is embraced by the customers.

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