About us

DataD's mission statement

In a dynamically changing world, opportunities and challenges are growing for companies, organisations and governments. To identify these opportunities and seize or use them is invaluable. DataD guides you in your strategic quest through market research and makes your business market-driven. Market-oriented companies or organisations grow more sustainably and withstand competition better. 

We make sure you get to know your customer, your competitor and your environment better. This allows you to perfectly align your services and your products with the market's needs, expand existing markets and access new ones. In short, DataD turns challenges into opportunities.   

Our vision

Together with our customers and partners, we work in a tailor-made way on sustainable growth. We provide new insights based on targeted research. We help to make strategically sound choices and guide you in the implementation.


Over the years, our customer portfolio has grown significantly. DataD works for companies, organisations and governments. In every assignment, we act as an independent partner, which means your research and strategy is built on facts and figures.

Take a look at some of our references.


DataD is part of a larger whole: the CityD-WES Group. Where necessary, we can call on additional expertise and capacity for your project.

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About us

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