Our story

CityD-WES Group: where experience, expertise and enthusiasm unite

Two strong names, DataD and CityD, combine consulting activities under the CityD-WES banner.


The DataD brand appeals to companies and organisations wishing to explore new market opportunities.

It supports companies and organisations that need objective analyses in the pursuit of a new identity or positioning, that want to prepare expansion plans thoroughly or identify the feasibility of investments.

DataD looks at the intrinsic qualities of a company or organisation and presents itself as a sparring partner in determining the right organisational or market-driven choices.

DataD approaches companies, real estate players, retailers.


The CityD brand refers to challenges and opportunities for the urban environment, regardless of whether the demand comes from a government or a private actor.

Common denominator is invariably that the result of our work can contribute to a strengthening of economic and social dynamics in regions, cities and municipalities.

Feasibility and desirability of and for urban facilities are key here. We always look for a large basis of support among the various levels of government and private market players.

CityD reaches out towards customers, residents, investors, tourists.

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