Why DataD


We have more impact than other market research companies because We distinguish ourselves by our objectivity, figure-based analysis and ability to differentiate. Do you need independent and solid research? DataD delivers high quality and always works with commitment. 

Objectivity and helicopter perspective

Thanks to market research and screening of your organisation, we obtain objective insight into the current and future market situation, including your organisation's strengths and weaknesses, in order to respond to opportunities and threats. We approach the project from a broad view of the entire ecosystem. This makes it easier to determine the right direction.

Facts and figures

Gut feeling is complemented by facts and figures. We do not have a monopoly on wisdom, but we do create insights into making evidence-based choices.

Customer centricity and ability to differentiate

Your (potential) customer is at the centre of strategy development. You increase the added value for your customer and can better distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Co-creation and support base

Your company and stakeholders are actively involved in determining the direction. A large basis of support ensures that everyone is on the same page, making implementation easier and faster.

Proven DataD toolbox

This toolbox allows us to achieve objective insight and concrete results faster. Our report is no paper tiger that simply disappears into the closet.

High involvement of DataD

Where other companies stop, DataD goes further. Through pronounced commitment, we also facilitate implementation with you through coaching, planning and project management.

Strengthen your organisation's existing competences

We get the best out of your people and your organisation.

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Why DataD

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