Feasability study


Making substantiated choices

With the right insights and information, a company or organisation can make better decisions. Assessing risks and identifying opportunities is crucial to making the right choices. DataD supports the decision-making process.

A feasibility study will give you a clear picture of the feasibility of your project. Not only from a financial perspective, but also from a market feasibility perspective.

  • Is there sufficient demand for your product? 
  • What is the customer willing to pay for the new service? 
  • How strong is the competition? 
  • What is the potential of my product or service? 
  • Does it pay off to invest in a new machine? 

A market-based feasibility survey will give you the answer to the questions mentioned above.

DataD provides insights into your future plans

From new product launches and exploring new markets, company takeovers and investing in a new production line, to selecting a location for a new branch, DataD is there to advise and assist you in order to support your choice. With facts and figures. A welcome addition to the gut feeling that will help you limit your risk.

Start planning!

Taking over a business?

You want to grow and want to achieve this through the acquisition of a company? Contact DataD to get a clear picture of the image and reputation of the company you want to acquire. Besides legal due diligence, market due diligence is more than valuable in a business acquisition. You don't like to build on quicksand, do you? 

We screen the commercial strategy of the company you want to acquire. What is its image? How tough is the competition? Are the customers loyal? What is the willingness to pay? Where is the potential? What opportunities are there? You prefer to buy a company with satisfied and loyal customers, which on the other hand still has plenty of opportunities and improvement potential.

Through market research and screening of the company you want to acquire, you will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of its commercial strategy. The result is a clear and action-oriented report with practice-focused advice so that you can not only make a well-considered decision but can also start working on areas for improvement immediately after the takeover.

Opening a new branch?

DataD has models at its disposal to estimate the potential for your newly opened branch based on population data, purchasing power, competition and other open or closed data. This methodology also allows you to optimise your network of points of sale. We do this in various sectors such as food, clothing, hospitality, sports infrastructure (padel, fitness, swimming pool, etc.), tourism, industry, services, … 

We start by outlining your target audience. We then analyse supply and demand. On the demand side, we look at the number of potential customers, distance/travel time, income, age structure, … On the supply side, we map the supply of competitors in the defined area. A gravity model brings demand and supply together and estimates sales potential based on population, income, travel time, competition, … 

It will provide substantiated insight into the market shares per district of you and your competitors and the sales potential of your business. We will give you advice through site surveys and a blind spot plan.

Minimising risks in investment plans

Important investments are imminent but you want more insight on market and financial feasibility to minimise risks? You want to start a new business or invest in new equipment but wonder if it pays off? Based on research, we make an evidence-based estimate of revenue potential and operating costs. Drawing up business plans and operating budgets is among our core competences

During a workshop together with you and your staff, we create the business model canvas. This model is a good framework for your business plan. The business model canvas consists of nine building blocks covering all aspects of your business. The cornerstones are about target groups and customers, organisation, value proposition (what do you offer your customer and which needs are met), sales channels, suppliers, partners, costs and revenues.

Mapping unexplored territory

Endogenous growth can be achieved in several ways. You can launch new products or services in (geographical) markets where you are already active. Or engage or develop new markets with existing products or services. Together, we will find interesting opportunities for your organisation or company. 

We look at how best to capitalise on these opportunities through in-depth research and analysis. We identify potential new markets and help build a strategy to exploit them. Target groups, pricing, competition, decision-making process, turnover potential, ... are all covered. A thorough analysis will give your new plans wings!

Activating project land

You have project land but wish to limit development risks? DataD helps you with programmatic research and market studies for real estate. DataD has already carried out a lot of supply and demand analysis for real estate projects. From small to large-scale projects. 

We look at property prices, demographic trends, housing needs, current supply and examine the financial and market feasibility of your project. Through a residual land value calculation, you know how much you can pay for the land. 

We provide advice on the building programme and type of housing product. You have also come to the right place at DataD for sociodemographic studies or housing needs studies. Finally, we also help substantiate your project to the municipality or city. We show that there is a need for that flat block or housing allotment, for example.

Other plans for the future?

We are your partner for all feasibility studies and needs assessments. We investigate, calculate and analyse the feasibility and potential of your plans. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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